Vibranium launching $VIBRA FanToken on Sinfonia

Vibranium launching $VIBRA FanToken on Sinfonia. The record label, after the collabs with Sean Kingston, Fatman Scoop and Alexandra Stan and many more stars, even supported by Sony Music, is ready to launch Monday July 11th a big project. Vibranium is a 3.0 start up record label, which intends to place itself in the global recording market as a point of reference for the development of artistic projects to fully exploit the potential within the music industry, intended as a marketing tool, brand awareness, as well as being a vehicle to launch new trends, together with the infinite potential of decentralized finance and blockchain.

Vibranium wants to be a brand, before being a record label, which develop consumer products such as energy drinks, musical gadgets but above all, a token, a cryptocurrency usable in the blockchain and dedicated to the world of entertainment. Mission Statement Objectives, results and spirit to become pioneering and major players in tomorrow’s music market, developed thanks to the power of the new financial instruments of the crypto and blockchain world. In today’s competitive music marketplace there is no lack of creativity, opportunity and innovation.

Artists like MasterM are boarding the NFT train and beyond: they release exclusive products, from new singles or tracks to one-of-a-kind collectibles. With the NFT system, Vibranium Rec makes its mark and walks another path to create revenue in the music industry.

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