Super restyling for OMNe from today

OMNe is the news agency specializing in news from the world of electronic music, dance, djing, clubbing and tech. OMNe publishes industry news and updates in real time.

OMNe was born as a work tool for professionals. The same professionals make news and industry updates available to journalists to be published in real time. OMNe goes beyond content: in addition to its specialization in b2b, it connects brands linked to the world of night and day life.

OMNe is an open source tool: anyone can use its contents and re-transmit them freely. The platform has now been optimized.

Through social channels, OMNe generates traffic on the web thanks to its viral impact and collaborations with blogs and specialized sites.

OMNe’s communication plan focuses on the following three pillars and aims to achieve the following objectives:
• affirm the identity of the brands
• create added value to the world of professional clubbing
• increase the visibility of the products
• create a large community of journalists who publish news in real time

OMNe is the tool specialized in clubbing, djing, electronic dance music branding and marketing aimed at those who want to enter the world of new entertainment.

Only OMNe guarantees everyone a quick, concise and complete overview of the latest dance news.

OMNe is the publisher of its own newspaper and responsible for other initiatives. OMNe, a young company in the world of specialized publishing and born thanks to a series of partnerships.

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