Rapid-Testing Event Access Clinical Trial – Primavera Sound Fundraiser

Primavera Sound together with the La Fundación contra el SIDA y las enfermedades infecciosas i el Hospital Universitari Trias i Pujol de Badalona (Foundation against AIDS and Infectious Diseases and the Hospital Universitari Trias i Pujol of Badalona) (Barcelona) are progressing this clinical trial which has government approval to go ahead on 12th December in the Sala Apolo in Barcelona. However, no government assistance with costs is being provided so a request is being made to the electronic music and live industry to help fund this trial which is budgeted to cost between 400-500,000€. Primavera Sound will contribute 200,000€ plus any amount that is not covered.

The reason this is so important and warrants your attention and potential support: If the hypothesis is confirmed (preliminary report by end of December will include the methodology of the study and the results), this trial could demonstrate that safe environments can be created for holding physical indoor and outdoor events without social distancing.

The data and the report to be published should constitute scientific evidence to support the viability of rapid testing implementation strategies as a way to reactivate the activity of concert promoters, festivals, clubs, professional events, and venue managers without risk to workers, artists, speakers and the public, and regardless of the availability of a vaccine to the wider public – or its reliability.


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