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The 2020 was also a difficult year for clubbing and festivals, but ironically, it was also the year that saw an explosion in the numbers in terms of technology for DJs and producers. The (inevitable) collapse of the installation consoles was in fact countered by the strong demand for tools for home recording and digital djing, and at various times the stores (physical and online) went out of stock with the models most requested.

Big companies, on the strength of this (unexpected) demand, have accelerated their research and development activities to present as soon as possible new models capable of meeting the expectations of the sector and the first company to cross this milestone in the new year is one of the more authoritative, RANE. It does so with the first digital console in the history of the brand.

The name? Obviously One, a professional controller with 7 “motorized platters and direct access to the Serato Dj Pro FX interface (supplied with the product among other things). The motorized platters offer the same dexterity as turntables and force adjustment traction allows you to find the perfect feeling, all supported by the “1200e style” start / stop button. Thanks to the multifunction performance pads that give access to Hot Cues, saved Loops, Roll, Sampler, Slicer and Scratch Bank of Serato, you can ” draw “your sound and with the FX keys you can instantly activate any combination of effects (software) with a single touch, optimizing the parameters of depth and beat, and inserting them with the dedicated switches.



The tone control and the high pass and low pass filter on the two channels complete the stand-alone mixer section. Each deck can work connected to a laptop through the USB port or to an external source thanks to the switchable phono / line input, while the outputs are XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced on the master and XLR balanced on the monitor. The connections are also completed with the 2 TRS / XLR microphone inputs and with an additional auxiliary input for the line sources.

The crossfader is obviously the last born in the Rane house, it is the Mag Four, the most fluid and lightest ever. On the front panel, in addition to the adjustment of the traction force of the cymbals, there are the adjustment of the crossfader and the switch to invert the phases of both the cymbals and the fader itself. Designed and built with the renowned Rane quality, One is the ultimate controller for both digital turntablisting and traditional DJs looking for a full Serato controller. Rane One will be available from February at the price of 1,499 euros including VAT. For further information you can write to or visit the websites and

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