Nemo is ready with his “Supernova” on Ego

NEMO was born on October 29, 2002 in Milan. It is he himself who explains the choice of his nickname: “It comes from the Latin ‘nobody’ and I liked the idea of letting my listeners know that if I ever made it, I’m someone who started from nothing”. NEMO a prophet in his homeland. Who motivates everyone, colleagues and fans: he inspires all dreamers. Of half Italian and half Polish nationality, NEMO had the great fortune of having parents who have always supported him in what he does.

His mom is an architect while his father is a doctor of law. Both, today, manage a restaurant in Milan in the characteristic area of Porta Ticinese. NEMO firmly believes that his father’s great musical culture has helped him in some way, but the rest of him is all his own. NEMO has not attended training schools with a musical focus, however he has been taking private piano and singing lessons for years. “I think it’s better this way nowadays.”

NEMO already knew from the start what he wanted to do. Thus, his singing teacher, Tania, helps him grow as a performer. He always thought he had this passion since he was a kid, in middle school, when his teacher brought him up, told him that he was into music and encouraged him to continue. “But I think then I was almost afraid to admit all this to myself, also because when you tell older people that you want to make a living from music then they look at you negatively”.

During the onset of the pandemic, NEMO picked up an old keyboard. He says it made him feel good. From there he decided that he would never stop. He would never abandon music again. Thus, NEMO started writing. He threw down a lot of songs in one go. Some trashed. Some placed under a chest like pearls. He now he hopes he can make us listen. All. Obviously starting from “Supernova”, published by Ego Zona Trip (Ego Music) out on July 21, 2023 on all music platforms. And this is only the beginning.

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