Alisia, hot shot on Vibranium with “No Te Quiero Mas” track

Vibranium universe of does not stop its summer expansion and from MasterM mind it believe on Italian Alisia, Sicilian singer, tiktoker and influencer that presents on Friday 5 August 2022 the “No Te Quiero Mas” single track on the indie label distributed all over the world by Sony Music Group.

Elisa Donisi, aka Alisia, has participated in many singing competitions first local and later regional always ranking in the first places. In 2017 she won “Emozioni Live”, an award in honor of Lucio Battisti broadcast by the Mediaset Group networks and the Corriere della Sera Italian newspaper website. In 2020, Alisia opens the concert of Gué Pequeño and Irama acts. On Tik Tok you have more than 400K followers one year after opening your profile.

“I want to make a lot of music and make it known to as many audiences as possible also through my social networks”, says Alisia. “For the future I have many projects. I call myself a down to earth dreamer and that she knows what she wants. I’d like to make an album maybe with some important featuring”. How was “No Te Quiero Mas” born? “From the need to talk to my generation. Today the society no longer wants to fight for love and very often a relationship ends even for futile and unexpected reasons, however it remains a passion mixed with disappointment”. So, Alisia has always listened to Latin music, “even before it became a worldwide phenomenon, as it has been happening in recent years”. She love the sounds, the rhythms and the sensations. “Over time I realized that this was the direction to go. And where I felt 100% myself”.

MasterM has already been released with singles born from the collaboration with Sean Kingston (“Killin ‘Me Softly”), Fatman Scoop (“On My Way”), The Mode (“Can’t Control Myself”), Alexandra Stan and 24hrs (“I Have A Dream – Ecuador”) and Kay, Don Kino, Don Jiggy and Estelle (“Again”) continue their journey in the world of entertainment and groovy music with this production. MasterM remixed “No Te Quiero Mas” too: the release date is set for next Friday 26th August 2022.

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