Midance 2020: there is already the date

A few days after the closing of the 17th edition of Midance, we think about tomorrow. During the last FIPI meeting, the dates of 2020 were announced: next year the event related to electronic music will be held on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th November. In processing, among other things, there are several new features. Midance has given great satisfaction to those who are close to the world of music production, as witnessed by the statements of Riccardo Sada, president of the initiative: “At its seventeenth edition, Midance has proved to be much more than a meeting between friends but to have instead it crossed borders becoming an international level opportunity. Curious and passionate, they came from all over Italy and beyond, to attend workshops, awards and meetings. Milan, close to its Music Week, has proved to be a beacon for the entire national electronic music scene and its business “. Sergio Cerruti, record maker and president of AFI, speaks of “a further impulse towards the consecration of an event where … we must be there. We see efforts and we must all believe together”.
“An appointment that is constantly growing both in terms of participation and in terms of the contents proposed and the issues and debates we have faced. It has been a pleasure to have participated again this year and to have compared myself with sector employees and colleagues. organizational staff “, adds Paolo Sandrini, record producer.
“I’ve seen people happy to share a passion and a profession that becomes more competitive and difficult to monetize every day. The hope is that new and successful synergies can be born. Every year is always better. Great organization and perfect location,” says Roberto Turatti, awarded the Midance plaque for his career.
“Also this year, Midance was amazing. A fantastic location, great food and good organization, in a wonderful musical atmosphere in the air. I look forward to it next year”, emphasizes Kim Lukas, singer. Nathalie Aarts, singer, price increase: “Midance is an informal but well organized meeting, which allows you to exchange ideas with labels and producers and leads to new knowledge and collaborations”.
Giorgio Tramacere, lawyer, writes: “Midance has now become a fixture for all operators in the world of electronic dance music and music in general. A meeting point that creates relationships and synergies. Every year it is renewed and consolidated more and more as one of the most important appointments for producers and experts, in this edition I found the workshop on creativity and the world of the discography very interesting, where the leading exponents of the sector intervened. Congratulations to the organizers. , once again, it stands as the capital of music “.
Carlo Cavalli of Zoroty says: “The Midance creates new opportunities for dance music operators in Italy every year. For us at Zoroty Distribution it was an opportunity to let us know, meet old friends and renew collaborations. See you next year”.
Maxx Monopoli of SonicFab confirms as in a slogan: “Midance is the right place to be heard”. KAY of Strakton Records points out: “Comparison, exchange, ideas and new visions on the Italian music biz scene that is often too atrophied by itself and is strengthened by a past that no longer exists. Today, therefore, the new in a word is … Midance “.