Midace and Wonder manage at Amsterdam Dance Event

Friday 18 October, from midnight to 4 am, at La Favela (Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 28, 1017 RC Amsterdam, Netherlands – Tel: +31 6 47498669), thanks to Wonder Manage disembark Midance. Italian, international producers, musicians, DJs, promoters, will be heard for b2b Italian event dedicated to the production, placement, promo and scouting of electronic music and that during the evening will become a real party.

The event, in conjunction with Amsterdam Dance Event, will allow producers, musicians, DJs, promoters, recorders and enthusiasts to exchange ideas, finding themselves on the occasion of the 10 years of Wonder Manage.

The creation of events and moments of aggregation constitute a pressing marketing phenomenon for Wonder Manage, which, year after year, increasingly animates the commercial dynamics of multinational and non-multinational companies, which address at least two types of customers. The activities of Wonder Manage have often made music and its players, the main core business, such as to determine a common point of interest, for tens of thousands of consumers of the same target.

Live performances, DJs shows, PA singers, Corporate Events, have been and in fact constitute the heart of the work of Wonder Manage, a reality within the organization of events for over ten years. Today the team is a credible and reliable partner in the conception, organization, promotion and management of events, in circuits such as fashion, VIP clubs, trend music and more generally for the world of young people, both in the market Italian than European. The most famous DJs, the most popular dance singers, the most requested musicians: the daily sap of the know-how of Wonder Manage.