Cosmic Gate, 20th year together in 2019 and ready for Milan

The guys are marking the 20th year together in 2019. A  big huge congrats from OMNe on that landmark. So, Cosmic Gate celebrating it a number of ways.

You’re bringing the tour to OMNe homecountry of Italy in October (at The Tunnel in Milan during Trance Gate). What track are you most looking forward to dropping for the crowd there?
That might be our new single, The Remix for your fellow Italian superstar DJ Mauro Picotto and his tune “Lizzard”. Where else than in Italy we should be looking forward to drop it the most, see you guys at Tunnel Club in Milan, we never had a show in your beautiful city and can not wait for it.

Could you tell us about 20th year ? 
Thank you so much for the warm words and we are indeed celebrating with a big worldwide anniversary tour plus a new album, which is called “Forward Ever Backward Never” and released since the end of August.

When it came to the album itself, was that an automatic decision right from the start? Or was this an element you have to think over?
Sure it was something that needed some thought, but as an act that simply stands a lot for its music and shows, we felt it only makes sense to come up with this album and the tour. we basically said,
hey, lets try to make an album, musically explaining where we came from, who we are, and where we will go to.



Rather than a straightforward ‘greatest hits’ or whatever, in approach you’ve gone for something with a different make-up. Could you describe that to us?
Exactly, some greatest hits is nothing that would have satisfied us in any way, but to not go and polish some of our classics up, make them ready for our sets again, we did not see fully missing on this either. Thats why FEBN is basically a nice 360 degree view on who we are, the style we stand for. A fan made an awesome tweet saying, the album for him is the resynthesis of 2 decades of music evolution and passion condensed into a single album that feels at home in 2019 as it would have in 1999… We really loved how he felt and wrapped up things here, and we hope more listeners of the album will feel the same way about it.

With the tracks you’ve reworked yourself, you’ve termed these “2.0s”. Could you explain how you’ve handled theses?
In the end our 2.0 reworks on the album, as all the Remixes we ever do, is tweaking a track to be suitable for our dj sets, cause thats what we simply are, DJs, and our music always will be at first made for the dance floor. And same with these 2.0 Mixes. after some years tracks simply start sounding a bit outdated, from the sound engineering, sometimes the arrangement, they often do not have the perfect vibe anymore for modern sets. and thats why we felt they need to get updated, The Wave is from 2003, of course its not the freshest anymore, but its got a good melody line, lets introduce it to the newer and younger club and trance generation that is out there. on top of that we also got a lot of positive feedback from our first generation of fans about the new mixes, which was very awesome for us.


Venerdi 18 Ottobre i Cosmic Gate vi aspettano al Tunnel Club di Milano. Acquista subito la tua prevendita!

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Do you see this as an exclusively trance album or something more broadly electronic music?
Well, sure the overall vibe and feel of our songs is trance, but sure enough we do not think that we ever have been a typical stereotype trance act though. thats simply because we are never afraid to add other influences, progressive, tech, house, pop or what ever it is. We are not afraid of this, we actually feel its important not to get lost in a too small bubble, eyes and ears when doing music we feel always have to be open for what’s going on around in other genres too, as it can be really inspiring. So yeah think out of the box if you want to call it like that is what we sure do, art has to be free spirited and develop, or it turns boring after a while. and we simply are like that, we like to push boundaries forward, experiment with new sounds
or ways of writing music, but our signature Cosmic Gate handwriting if we might call it like this is always there, and carried us over these 20 years.



When they came back, which one surprised you the most?
The biggest surprise maybe was the Andrew Bayer Fire Wire Remix. Not that we did expect a big mix from Andrew, but he just delivered a different style to what we somehow have expected. He kind of found the beauty in the original Fire Wire chords, a beauty that actually never was there in the original, but works so perfectly in his piano break, big props to him, really a lot of feels here that we enjoy a lot.

“Come With Me” uses parts from an old Cosmic Gate track (‘The Drums’), but has taken on a new form and title. What was the thinking behind this method?
Well if you come with the first single of a 20 year anniversary album, and on that track you sample parts of your very first single you did 2 decades ago, but put it totally out of context, and it still works the way it does, then on top its the opening track for the new album and the tour, we felt this has something cool, brings things closer together and finally even wraps up this story with a nice climax, Come with me.

What would you say is you favorite music genre or style today?
Our answer for that always was and will be Techno. Techno and House are the foundation of what all dance music producers do these days, if commercial or underground, and our favorites often indeed are from the very techno influenced scene, which can be heard in some of our productions maybe as well.


coming 2019

coming 2019

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In today’s market, how important is it to promote your music, compared perhaps to when you first started?
It always was important to promote music, these days its just happening very differently, and unfortunately on top of that, the marketing seems to be more important than the product itself,
which when it comes to something emotional as music does not really make sense to us, and we certainly do hope that music will be more in the spotlight again than an entertaining appearance on Instagram.

I believe you guys both live outside your native Germany now. Where are you based and do you think living there has had any influence/impact on your musical direction?
We are both based in the USA now, NYC and Las Vegas. And yes, we would agree, the place you live, the travels we do, the people we meet out of different cultures, all this surely reflects into
who we are, how we feel and think, and automatically also the music we write