Asusual, the double bite of Tarantula is with “Stranger”

Real nerds, studio animals: Guys with a strong bond with new technologies. “It’s important to follow all the news to continue navigating this fluid world”. Asusual have fun exploring the latest technology innovations often. Their single on Tarantula Music (Media Records EVO channel) is “Stranger”.

What are the new sound paths to try, to discover new genres and sounds?
“The world is really full of new music and incredible artists that, of course, can not be discovered without a little research. Spotify playlists are a great example of how to keep listening to the same discs. Even our little Brescia really has so many very talented artists, like 7Skies, Estremo and others”.

Why did you choose Tarantula?
“We really believe in the new project of his A&R, mister Stefano Bosetti, and in the firepower of Gianfranco Bortolotti, the Media Records EVO CEO, and then, everything is at home. There are already various events and ideas on the table, but beyond this we are grateful to Bosetti who believes in us and is making us grow a lot”.

How was “Stranger” born?
“We were flying to Pescara, in Italy, and during the boredom of the airports and the copious breaks we discovered this singer, who immediately inspired a liquid and deep world. It took various ideas and projects to arrive at the current form of the track”.

Why are many people throwing themselves on trap and bass music today?
“We believe that bass is the natural continuation of what was the big room EDM, in the end those 4/4 have got tired. Too bad that not everyone believes in it”.

Are you working on anything else?
“Someone says that singles are only needed to make a number of plays, when you want to tell your vision you have to express yourself through something that goes beyond 4 minutes. However, 28. We already have a lot of ready tracks that at the moment are trying to join and elevate our live set”.

You are doing dj classes, in your Big Biz recording studio: don’t you think the market is saturated with these things?
“Despite the great offer we think there is space for a complete vision of what is the professional world of discography and live set, our mission is to accompany the artist’s growth on all fronts”.

Would you really like to develop something with musicians?
“We need to find the right people. In studio we work with lots of people on many discs and it’s never easy to find the mind that is able to fully immerse themselves in a project, also because many times, these electronic genres yearn for mergers that are not always clear to more classical musicians”.