Nuraphone match your hearing bring the favourite music

Nuraphones are a new revolutionary headphone technology, winner of the 2018 CES ‘Best of Innovation Award’. The nuraphones automatically measure your hearing within a minute by monitoring otoacoustic emissions and then use this information to perfectly match your hearing and bring your favourite music into incredible focus. It’s also the first time in history you are able to share and compare hearing profiles.

Here is are key points of the headphones:
A self-learning engine – personalised sound that automatically learns and adapts to your unique hearing within a minute

inova™ – unique in-ear and over-ear revolutionary architecture, delivers bass you can feel, while maintaining crystal-clear detail

Dual isolation – Does not let any noise in or leak any sound out

TeslaFlow™ – Music-activated cooling system

Premium Materiality – Lightweight aluminium ear cups. High quality Japanese spring steel headband.

SoftTouch™ biocompatible silicone comfort on inner cup

Touch Buttons – Configurable to play/pause/skip,answer/hang-up calls

In-built smart response – Automatic on/off Powers off when you remove the nuraphone from your head to preserve the battery

Playback – At least 20 hours of listening during active use

nura APP – iOS AND ANDROID – Create a unique hearing profile. Create up to three individual profiles, share and compare – Adjust your level of immersion
Universal connectivity – aptX™ HD Bluetooth®, USB-A, USB-C, Micro USB and analog cable (3.5mm)
A selection of press results are below

“WIRED’s profile sounded sensational, with superb clarity, punchy bass and well-balanced delivery” – WIRED
“nuraphones by nura are a revolutionary kind of headphone and probably the most innovative you can get” – FORBES
“The nuraphones are something to be cherished… The effect is almost magic.” – BBC FOCUS
“[nuraphones] have ruined normal headphones for me” – BUSINESS INSIDER