TooWill spin on Firstplanet Pro with a nu house E.P.

Wilmer Travagliati alias TooWill lands on Firstplanet Pro with an EP that marches on the house of the new millennium, crossed with techno sounds (“2PM”), ripped apart by Disco and funk fragments (“Big Bag Bro’s”) and close to progressive atmospheres (“Keep The Frequency Clear”). The title track “1909” is the synthesis of his musical interests. A repertoire that ranges from techno to house, through Detroit, progressive house and clickhouse, up to ambient.

Born in Brescia on Valentine’s Day, in 1971, at university, TooWill approached the world of music as PR for vocals like Old Fashion and Atlantique collaborating with organizers such as Gabon and Max Colombo. Among the promoters of events such as Breakfast Club and The One, TooWill began to spin the records at Le Plaisir and Shibuya with Marco Trani. At the BXR Superclub he began his partnership with Massimo Cominotto that leads him to perform in iconic places like Cocoricò, Baia Imperiale, Arenile, La Mela, Karma Club, Dehor, Jockey Club (Marbella), Pagodino, Le Palafitte Club and many others.

How was your last E.P. on Firstplanet?
“The collaboration and friendship with Gianfranco Bortolotti have deep roots since the days of the BXR and, having learned that Gianfranco had returned to the music scene, it was natural to see us for a coffee to talk about it”.

Can you explain how the four singles were created?
“My pieces are designed for a European, world scene, not limited to the Italian scene. I’m not able to make tracks that have an Italian sound, it’s not in my style. ‘1909’, the title track, has a deep sound, a pressing rhythm, I really wanted a track from European dancefloor, with big openings and energetic synth, along with an aggressive bassline. ‘2PM’ is the ideal continuation of ‘1909’: same mood, same charge. ‘Keep The Frequency Clear’ is the track that comes closest to my feeling of pure deep house, a few sounds, round and hypnotic, broken by a string of bows that interrupts the deep Detroit atmosphere with an airy opening; finally, ‘Big Bag Bro’s’, click piece with funky influences very funny, perfect for the privèe of the Pacha of Ibiza. With this, I wanted to wink at the first Daft Punk”.

What are your goals?
“Making quality music with a European flavour and being able to offer it to the widest possible audience”.

What are your plans for this Summer?
“So far, a couple of important dates are already scheduled: an important electronic festival in Switzerland and sound waves, an electronic event at the Garda lake”.