“Block” from Nikola Carusso opens up to the tech world

In the track by Nikola Carusso the creation process is immediately clear to listeners. “Block” (on Underground, a Media Records EVO channel) drives with a hard kick and bass and filled up with quite distorted chords, enhancing the intensity of the sound.


“Media Records came up when I was putting aside traditional music, and I rediscovered the joy of producing nice tracks. So I would say that it gives me the drive and motivation to came back and produce techno. I hope that this collaboration will bring advantages to both of us and that it will last. Now I am studying sound design at the University of Ravensbourne here in London. This course is more about sound for movies, but it’s giving me an interesting different prospective of the sound and new ideas for my music”.

Do you plan in advance the instruments that you are going to use? And do you try to end up with something that can transmit an emotion?
“A lot of people say that I have a quite dark stile. I think this is in part correct as I don’t really feel a dark person, especially my music I try to create intensity and movement”.

What’s your favourite artist?
“Matador, owner of RUKUS, has always inspired me. I find his sound very intense and it’s outstanding how tension is up for the whole track”.


Biography. Born in the Venice area, Italy, Nikola has been always in contact with music: he started with piano when was a child, later he learn to play other instruments such as guitar, drums, bass and others. In 2009, he moved to London where he got in touch with electronic music and he was inspired by the sound of underground parties and raves; he started producing his own music. In recent years, he is been playing in few night clubs and parties in East London, he works with the collectives of Gone and Side Efex for some events.