GEE goes beyond everything and everyone with “Lucidum Animae”

Gürkan Gür, aka GEE, is a German visionary guy that has almost hidden a style growing up with electronic sounds. It’s the original mood that contains underground techno sounds. For “Lucidum Animae” on Underground (channel of Media Records EVO platform), GEE lets his idea of groove to be supported by DJs and producers from Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain. No border for is music.

Strangers can “meet” in this community. “Suitcase EP” includes tracks from different artists, each with their own sounds and melodies. Let the music express what the mind has thought. Few traces inside so as to be able to direct the public to a style.

Producer, DJ, sound engineer, art Director, manager, artist and musician, GEE spin from his Audiotech Recording Studio, basedin Pforzheim, Germany, after a trip in style like techno, dark techno, hardtechno, hardcore techno and underground techno. After the track “Curse of the Dragon”, GEE has created his own distinctive digital techno tracks, samples and mixes and he always tries to get more focused on solid banging hard and dark techno productions. “Alongside a lot of tracks, mixes, remixes and gigs, I have finally found my place in the right scene”, he says.

With his releases on Terminus Audio (USA) and Oxytech Records (Ukraina), GEE has showed his knowledge his techno productions again and he keeps working on and on without a break. Actually, he joined Frank Ross on Fnoob Techno Radio as a Radio Show Host and Resident DJ, and his Show with the name “Audiotech Sound System” will be on every first Thursday in the month from 2 pm till 4 pm UK time.