DJ Kritch now it’s your “Momento”

Daniele Critesi aka DJ Kritch, loves electronic music at large, but so far he’s focusing on tech-house, progressive house and techno. These are the main genres he has leveraged on for his “Momento” on Firstplanet Academy. The rhythm and the suspended atmosphere superimpose, creating a tantalizing sound background.

For many years on stage of clubs, DJ Kritch has been influenced by the rhythms of electronic music in all its nuances.
“Recently I moved into the underwater world of tech-house, progressive house and techno music, pooling together different worlds, but trying to remain linked to the primordial instinct that unites all human beings: the rhythm”.

So, as the condition that unites all peoples of all races, religions, social condition, the dance puts everyone on the same level to fly all together.

After, “Algorhytms” with 10WS, and after others works, how would you define your music style?
“Techno, tech-house. And now I feel optimistic. I love techno. I admire Solomun because he is amazing”.
How do you think the sound could evolve and be played in big live events?
“I believe that the search for sound is fundamental for this genre and those who find it and propose it well rule”.