Vangelis Kostoxenakis, “Senhor Bob EP” and many news

Vangelis Kostoxenakis is a dedicated DJ & music producer hailing from the south side of Athens, Greece. His desire to create music led to him studying music technology & sound engineering at college, being the perfectionist he is he admits he’s still polishing his craft to this day. In an expansive career in the business he has developed a deep musical background through various styles yet has always remained dedicated to house music, with several successful monikers such as Phatjak, Angel Stoxx & Breaking Toys gaining great levels of commercial success, and of course his latest trademark signature sounds under his birth name.

Vangelis releasing unconventional but club friendly tracks on today’s top labels such as Moon Harbour, Suara, Snatch!, Glasgow Underground, Kling Klong, Toolroom and Food to name a few, which can be found regularly at the top of the charts. Not following trends or music “fashion”, he is in constantly in the studio, producing new exciting material that is turning heads, while focusing on his brand new label ‘Talk of the Town’ which will showcase fresh music from local and international artists. Of course his talents have not gone unnoticed with regular A-list DJ support, and a series of radio plays from Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1. He’s the all round bona fide artist on the rise, so catch him of you can. In Italy Vengelis release on Just Entertainment.
How “Senhor Bob” was born?
“I wanted to create a cool summer track with a distinctive vocal. Senhor Bob vocals came out of an old sample pack from a section I’d never heard before. Most of the time there are so many samples and I get bored listening to all of them. I was quite lucky with this one. Once I had the vocal the rest came very easily to me”.
And “Selecta”?
“With Selecta it was the other way around. I created the main beat and the bass and went through an old pack from Fatboy Slim for a cool vox. I’m a sucker for oldschool samples, they are so cheeky and thanks to Louis my manager who a&r’s all of my stuff, I manage to compensate the amount of them, otherwise id put them all in one track”.

Are you working on an album too?
“No. To make a serious electronic LP, at least in my philosophy, you need a decent amount of time to produce it, in order for it to be great. I’ve heard a lot of LPs from producers I respect and their tracks were all a bit the same, like singles compiled. For me the album has to tell a story, think of Daft Punk ‘Homework’ etc. It will come some point, just not now or the near future”.
Which will be your next single? Can you anticipate it?
“I always look forward to my next work(s) specially now that a bunch of tracks are coming out such as the 4 track EP on Moon Harbour, an EP on Shadow Child’s Food Music, an EP on Criminal Hype, a collabo with Green Velvet for his Relief Imprint and last but not least I’m working on completing an EP for Snatch! We have one track, but need another second killer track for the EP”.
What do you think about nowadays’ electronic music?
“Well, fortunately it seems that last couple of years is evolving again, i think the whole EDM bubble saturated a lot the club culture and did quite a lot of damage to it, but history showed us in the past and of course now that these are just circles and the underground movement -despite was getting smaller, or at least stable- was always there. Two years after, techno is the big thing and is funny cos some people never heard of techno before or might had an idea of it, possibly the only DJ they ever heard was Carl Cox. It’s gained popularity vastly. I just hope it ends for it good”.
How did you enter in the Toolroom family?
“Toolroom was the label I always wanted to sign since my early days as a producer. It was and still is one of the greatest imprints with huge respect and appeal across the producers community. So in 2008 and after countless demo submissions I managed to sign a 3 track EP called Margharitas under my Angel Stoxx moniker at the time. Actually it was on their Leaders of the New School sub-label but still I was extremely happy I had a Toolroom contract in my hands. Two years after I signed a techno single for a Ibiza compilation for the mother label titled ‘I’m just a Drumachine’ and Mark was hammering it all season! I was in heaven hehe”.
What is the VK Music?
“VK is short for Vangelis Kostoxenakis. Story of my life. Trying to make people articulate correctly my name. I know is impossible, its a railway. So if you cant spell or say KO-STO-XE-NAKIS just say VK, ill turn”.

How is you relationship with Italy? Do you know our scene?
“I have a LOT of friends from Italy, I’m not gonna say that i love the food and the usual mambo jumbo, I’m Mediterranean as well and i eat 3 times a week pasta, but unfortunately I’ve never played there. I visited at least twice as a tourist but never as a DJ and i crave it so much cos i know how much Italians rock as a crowd”.
How is the House Music scene in Greece, your native country? And in Athens?
“To be dead honest to you I don’t have much relationship with the Athenian clubbing scene or generally the Greek scene. It tends to work in cliques which i always despised and stayed away deliberately. From what i hear though there are a couple of good teams that try their best but unfortunately the Greek crowd (who listen electronic music or attend events) in its majority has no club culture neither electronic music education. I don’t blame it as its in the nature of the nation, down to its core to listen local (Greek) music, there is anyway a huuuuge industry built on it and also goes much deeper in comparison to a Dutch who grows up listening to Tiesto e.g. but thats another conversation”.

Which musical path would you like to undertake in the future?
“I don’t think I’m ever changing paths. I’ll stick to house music, I’m too old to change and as we all know you cant make an old dog learn new tricks”.
How is born your passion for House Music?
“I think through disco. My parents were taking me with them to discoteques since i was 10 and always loved the 4/4 rhythm. I always danced to it, so i guess growing a passion for house music is a Darwinian thing”.
Who are the international artists that you appreciate the most?
“Honestly they are so many but perhaps i could tell you some of them which i spin their music lately. Sidney Charles, Ninetoes, my fellows Detlef and Mihalis Safras, DJ W!ld, Emanuel Satie, HotSince82, Matthias Tanzmann, Riva Starr, Green Velvet, pffff so many”.

Are there some in Italy too?
“Riva Starr, The Deepshakerz, Off Key. Shall i say Carolla or its too cliche?”.
What are your projects for this summer?
“My son just turned 2 and I’m having a blast with him as we can communicate really well and have fun. So mainly i want to spend time with my family, work on new music, enjoy the sea and sun and do some shows i have planned. I anyway just joined a new agency (My Favourite Freaks) and until things start picking up, I’m gonna do the things i told you above”.
In your opinion, is a DJ now obliged to produce for the chance to play in a disco?
“I think yes. The old days were a DJ just put records and that was that are long gone. Now and with the technological explosion, the ease that software provides, doing a record is rather easy. Of course you still need the knowledge and knowhow but is definitely easier than it was in the past. However and this is my belief, not all DJs can produce and producers can DJ. I’ve seen amazing producers spinning shitty music, with no technique or what so ever and DJs who spin 4 decks simultaneously while boiling the sauce of my 3rd day pasta not knowing wheres C note on a keyboard. Go figure”.