EKDK & Apollo’s Messengers – “Changes EP” (Dear Deer records)

Madrid based duo EKDK and Apollo’s Messengers present their first collaborative release for Kiev label Dear Deer records. Changes EP is out on the 10th April 2017. A record of colourful and melodic, deep, spatial-techno. Across space and time, spanning the magnitude of our vast universe and conscious understanding of time and reality, rings the true unity of music. And like the reverberations of the universe’s infinite callings, the sound of honest, deep melodic and spatial techno rings through on the latest offering by Spanish producer duo EKDK and Apollo’s Messengers. 2017 heralds the first time the production trinity have released a full EP together.

Changes is also the production trio’s first EP to be released on Alex Kaspersky and Sviatoslav Tvardovsky’s Ukrainian based Dear Deer Records, a label that has given a home to the music of Thomas Gandey, Robot Needs Oil, Gabriel Moraes and more. EKDK and Apollo’s Messengers first came together in 2016, on Jannowitz Records, releasing the singular and mesmerizing ‘A Meeting’. This was promptly followed up with two collaborations on Apollo’s Messengers debut LP Caught in a Thought released on Us and Them Records. The two well-received tracks ‘DB Tales’ and ‘Slow Stroll’, optimized their futuristic take on deep techno,highlighting their unabashed and daring approach to pacing and grooves. In 2017, the production triad reassembled once more on ‘Observation’, an ephemeral and organic, innate soliloquy released on Woods’ Secret Garden compilation.


Madrid based, EKDK consists of brothers Enrique and David Kado, who have been collectively carving out a niche for themselves in the underground, Spanish circuit since the turn of the century. Together, the duo released their first EP back in 2010, and have since been cultivating their unique take on vibrant, melodic deep tech-house and techno. 18 year-old Hugo Savel meanwhile hides his age through the mature, multi-layered and deeply contextualized aesthetics that have defined his productions as Apollo’s Messengers. It was inevitable that the universe were to bring these refined minds together, to coalesce and merge their picturesque sonic templates and create new and futuristic sounds.



“A migration from body to soul, a product of moments leading to changes, a reset in life, and a remeeting of entities,” the trio write about their new music. ‘ReSet’ starts off the Changes EP with aplomb. Suitable club-fodder, with heady kicks, a delicate bassline and an addictive synth melody, the track’s urgency is extenuated in with its progressive and attention demanding pauses, forcing the listener closer to the dancefloor’s edge. Title track ‘Changes’ is a heady affair that plays with noise and movement, channeling the artists’ spirituality, and ritualistic charm for darkness and the supernatural. Final track, ‘ReMeeting’ plays towards their producers’ haunting tonality, with flickerings of mysterious melodies and enchanted, distorted synth lines.