Laidback Luke sign with Denon DJ

Denon DJ, a leading manufacturer of premium DJ products and solutions, today announced that world-renowned DJ, record producer and industry influencer Laidback Luke has joined forces with Denon DJ and changed his rider for their all-new, groundbreaking SC5000 Prime media player and X1800 Prime club mixer.

Recognizing a critical need in the professional DJ space for equipment that delivers unprecedented levels of performance, ease of use, musical file organization and complete system synergy, Denon DJ’s Prime Series units represent the future of the professional DJ experience. The SC5000 professional media player with 7-inch multi-touch display, outstanding creative performance capabilities, 24-bit audiophile sound, powered by Denon DJ’s incredible Engine Prime music management software.

The X1800 Professional 4-channel club mixer with OLED screen, Sweep and BPM FX and LAN connectivity with multiple SC5000s. The Denon DJ Prime Series is a perfect match for the exciting, energetic DJ style of Laidback Luke. His unique talent for performing has earned him an incredibly enthusiastic following and the recognition of his peers, who have repeatedly acknowledged him as one of the most gifted live performers and influential A-List DJs in the world.

That kind of talent and spontaneity demands equipment that responds instantaneously to the creativity of the artist. They can’t be slowed down or restricted. When the performer knows there are no equipment-based bounds, then a universe of possibilities opens up. That’s why Laidback Luke chose to partner with Denon DJ Prime. Luke said: “The Denon Prime Series is an organic fit for my DJ sets. It’s functionality is extremely intuitive and it’s performance delivers exactly the quality that I need.”

Paul Dakeyne, Denon DJ Brand Manager said of Luke; “As one of the world’s most creative and expressive live DJ’s, Laidback Luke is constantly setting the standard, raising the bar. He needs equipment that is a natural extension of his thoughts, equipment that instantly transforms his inner feelings and spontaneity into sound. The Denon DJ SC5000 and X1800 Prime units remove all performance obstacles and pushes new boundaries for Laidback Luke to explore.”

U.S. retail pricing is as follows: SC5000—$1899, X1800—$1899.
They are available now.

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About Denon DJ
Denon DJ is a leading manufacturer of equipment for professional and mobile DJs. Since the introduction of their first dual-rackmount CD player in 1992, Denon DJ has provided premium, innovative solutions for world-class performances night after night.
Denon DJ is a member of the premier family of brands known as inMusic.

About Laidback Luke
From his origins in the house and techno underground to his current more eclectic style, Laidback Luke has always been a leading light in music of the present day as well as the future. The Dutch hero continues to enjoy a hugely varied and consistently noteworthy career in the game. With a reputation as a serious talent scout and for being one of the nicest guys around, he has built himself a mightily impressive musical empire that has touched the highest reaches of the music industry.