Armada Music ready with new weekly trance tracks

Stunning new trance tracks are being released this week, from Armada Music world.

Rub!k – Empyrean. Forcefully pushing fans into the highest of spheres, Rub!k’s ‘Empyrean’ is a special kind of heaven for Trance enthusiasts from all over the globe. Add to that Millennial’s high-octane remix and you know you’ve got double the power and double the dance floor mayhem.

Estiva – Morpho / MetamorphosesThe next pair of singles from Estiva’s ‘Metamorphoses’ album has arrived. From the steadfast energy and layered acid synths in ‘Morpho’ to the ever-evolving sounds and soaring melodies in title track ‘Metamorphoses’, this two-pack is the sonic equivalent of adrenaline kicking in.

Shinovi & LUM1NA – El Dorado. As legendary as the city of gold itself, Shinovi & LUM1NA’s ‘El Dorado’ is a sonic adventure that’s not for the faint of heart. With rapid-fire vocals, rich synths and a bassline of unlimited power, this monster track is the cause of millions of dropped jaws and blown minds across the globe.