A new mysterious label announces his birth

We do not yet know the name of this reality linked to clubbing and electronics, behind which there will be the support of a multinational.

A joint operation is giving a great opportunity to launch a very special and unique music in the airwaves and in the entertainment world. This is a chance to develop one’s career as an artist in the international electronic music industry: working on high-level productions that can appeal to those who made them.

Behind this announcement, posted in three languages ​​(English, Portuguese and Italian) there is a fierce and secret team that has also announced that it is totally free from musical preconceptions and record prejudices, so much to want and be able to do what it wants at the level strategic and not, thanks to its independence. A new mysterious label thus announces, with great pomp but with a dystopian style, its own birth. But not his name. Which we will know later.



However, the label will be supported in its work by a multinational company. The invitation to select one’s best electronic mussic is one of those peremptory and explicit. To submit your work just upload an mp3 using the link below not before having filled out the profiling form. The label managers specify that they want to accept only finalized music, mastered and powerful, unique and far from the schemes but always able to make dance; therefore, ready to use and not specimens, demos or incomplete or sketched pieces. The label accepts only one piece per artist, this to bring the producer to take responsibility and select in a hyper-precise way and take care of his work.

The usual techno? No. The usual drum’n’bass? No. The usual house? No. The usual EDM big room? No. The usual pop dance? No. The usual ambient? No. The usual story? No. No. When the label completes its arsenal, it will show its face and its tactics.