Judge Jules in Celebrity MasterChef

Judge Jules is a British dance music DJ and record producer from London, talks The Sun newspaper. He was born on October 26, 1966, and it wasn’t long before the outspoken radio personality grew a passion for all things concerning music. In 1987, Judge, real name Julius O’Riordan, landed his first big job as a professional DJ at Kiss before moving over to Radio 1 by 1997, where he would go on to helm The Weekend Warm-Up. Radio listeners adored him as he was one of the few radio personalities willing to play a mixture between commercial and underground tracks – something many DJs weren’t doing at the time.

Another reason why Judge proved to be so popular was because Radio 1’s online connections with the Sirius Satellite Radio meant that fans in the United States and Canada were able to tune in as well. Judge is well known for launching an endless number of popular trance tunes and acts from the UK, and was deemed as a pioneer for contemporary dance music. It’s widely believed that many artists send their unreleased tracks to the Londoner, with over 250-300 promo submissions per week.

Throughout his lengthy career, Judge has managed to acquire a number of accolades, including Best DJ by DJ Mag in 1995. His popularity in the UK saw him land television appearances on shows such as Top Gear, Channel 4’s The 11 O’Clock Show and Top of the Pops. Judge is now starring on the 2019 series of Celebrity MasterChef on BBC One.