KAY talks about “Handz Up” track and Ibiza events

It is titled b and is the new single by dj and producer KAY. A song, the one announced, that wants to erase every boundary and every barrier between the urban genre and the electronic sounds, in full compliance with the current dance music trends of the world.

With “Handz Up” Kay baptizes and inaugurates his new record label URBN: a true preview of his new album due out by the end of 2019. Both “Handz Up” and the subsequent singles will be presented during the Mucho Ibiza evenings (all Sundays at Ushuaïa from 16 June to 25 August) and RICHBITCH (every Monday at Hï from 15 July to 26 August), both summer residences of KAY, resident DJs in Ibiza for the third consecutive summer. “Handz Up” is in sales in all digital stores from last Friday 7 June 2019.

You’re working on so many new singles. Is there a strategy behind it?
“Let’s say that more than a strategy there is a set of things that have aligned themselves and found a sonorous zenith that is giving me so many ideas both behind the mixer in the clubs and behind the desk in the studio”.

Is there an album coming up? Can you anticipate something?
“Yes, there will be an album with Sony coming in late September, meanwhile this summer I will officially present singles taken from the live album at Ushuaia and Hi”.

Who do you work with for your releases? With what brand, with what DJ, with what promoter?
“I have my team for years, with whom we manage Strakton, the Ibizan parties and the various brands; now they are simply working for me, it’s about me”.

How and how much does your music contaminate today?
“Having musical roots and a production experience in multiple genres is for me just a source of innovation in the productions I face every day. I have always been in favor of contamination because it still generates unexpected news, after all to know where you are going you have to remember where Come”.

Are you also interested in other genres?
“Everyone, I produce a lot of things very far from me and my taste. And I really like it a lot, I would like to add”.

What sounds with what you produce coincides?
“As for my productions as an artist, absolutely yes”.

How do you think your way of seeing and understanding record production can still evolve?
“A lot is changing in these years, certainly I have never been interested in remaining too tied to the past because very often it is synonymous with closure and creative arrest”.

How is Strakton?
“Well thank you, seriously we are growing a lot both in terms of dissemination and listening, both in terms of the quality of the productions and of the artists we now work with as a big family”

Do you think your style is sufficiently understood? Can you explain it?
“Music doesn’t need explanation or you like it or not, the important thing is to do it. I hope my style will like it as I have been experiencing in my live sets for two years now.”

Where will we find you this summer? In live, show?
“I have two important residences in the world: as I was saying, on Sundays at Ushuaia with Mucho and on Monday at Hi with Richbitch, you will also find me sometimes in Italy as well as in Europe and news of the last hour on Monday always Ushuaia in David Guetta’s BIG afterparty “.

How do you imagine the sound of clubs in the coming years?
“I hope that he is not the only one to experience something new but that there are new waves of ideas because in this historical moment I only hear dejavu sonori but no concrete idea” .

With whom would you like to work or do a series of collaborations?
“I would certainly like to work with Diplo because we have, in some ways, madness and similar approaches in the studio, but I’d also like to compare myself with Calvin Harris and his overall vision. A feat? Definitely at this precise moment in J Balvin history”.




Who is KAY
He founded Strakton Records in 2017, a record label able in a very short time to reach different placings in the charts, in the streaming and in the visualizations of markets all over the world, ranging through all the genres that characterize and distinguish electronic music. Without any prejudice and with an overall view that knows how to look very far. Thursday 15 November 2018 Federico KAY in fact plays at the After Music party of Universal Music Latin Entertainment, scheduled at the Omnia Nightclub in Las Vegas, the venue located inside the Caesars Palace and which is usually played on Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix and Zedd.