“All Day I Dream” returns to Ibiza on May 23rd with Lee Burridge, YokoO & Sebastien Leger

All Day I Dream returns to Ibiza for its second season following last year’s hugely successful island debut. Joining head honcho Lee Burridge on May 23rd at Cova Santa will be longtime musical partners, YokoO and Sebastien Leger, while further line-up additions for the 3 remaining dates will be announced in the coming weeks.

This season will mark All Day I Dream’s debut at Cova Santa, a stunning venue set in the Ibizan countryside built around an ancient cave, making it the perfect setting for Lee Burridge and his family of like minded artists to write yet another beautiful chapter of their musical story.

For the series, Cova Santa will be decorated in structural art, lanterns, fairy lights and flowers married seamlessly together, forming a haven, where you too might just get the urge to close your eyes and drift away in while a soundtrack of mystical, hypnotic and emotive music enchants you. All Day I Dream parties offer something fresh and unique in the musical landscape of today; transcending genres, social norms and musical politics they offer an authentic all-encompassing musical journey that you might just feel like joining them on.

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All Day I Dream continues to make its way onto many a musical radar. Lee Burridge’s vision eight years ago of melodic, hypnotic music combined with intricate, detail oriented productions have led the way that many now follow. Whether in the desert, at the beach or on the dance floor in New York his magical day-to-night soirees captures the heart and soul of an ever growing community of dreamers across the planet.

The brand will also be embarking on a series of one off global events in exciting locations such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, London, Barcelona and Amsterdam, alongside a return to the US for shows New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

About All Day I Dream

All Day I Dream events began on a Brooklyn rooftop back in 2011 and have since become an international sensation. Around the world, crowds gather to become part of a community spurred on by Lee Burridge and his unique roster of artists, each bringing forward a signature technicolor emotionalism, the sort that’s all too rare in the current electronic music scene.

Spreading across the world from New York to Los Angeles, from London to Moscow, Berlin to Beirut, the parties expanded and flourished due in part to Lee’s major presence at Burning Man and his desire to create something magical.

Giving the partygoer (or “Dreamer”) more than just the usual short DJ set, All Day I Dream aspired to create its own unique ambience through the combination of the musical selection and journey as well as unique venues, each decorated with draped fabric, fairy lights and lanterns creating an unparalleled and magical atmosphere.

About Cova Santa Ibiza

Cova Santa is home to the renowned Espai Kru group, one of the most prestigious restaurant chains in Spain. The Fine Dining Restaurant focuses on the convergence between design, tradition and the most exclusive products.

It is the perfect place for any type of event that seeks authenticity and excellence. Besides the beautiful lounge gardens and the amazing views, the space is divided into different areas that are perfect to host special parties. Furthermore, the inside area of the venue boasts an amazing club, allowing events to extend into later hours.

Cova Santa is one of the most natural treasures of the Balearic Islands. A 25-meter-deep cave, sculpted by the water from Sant Josep’s mountains over thousands of years. Cova Santa Ibiza has become one of the best food experiences on the island and has very quickly grown into a magical summer location to host events. When food, nature and music come together, magic happens!