Andrea Ribeca is ready “Tonight”

The Italian music producer and DJ Andrea Ribeca was born 1974 in Viterbo. His first experience with the turnables starts from 1990. 1992 he released his first track Diabolic Step. After this production he works during many years as resident dj in various techno-trance clubs, until 1999, when he meets Giuseppe Ottaviani with whom he starts the trance-project Nu NRG.

Paul van Dyk spotted the group and signed on Vandit Records in 2001. The group disbanded 4 years later. In 2009, he wrote the lyric and melodic part of Giuseppe Ottaviani’s Vocal-Single Angel. “Tonight” is his last track with Sylvia Hanami vocalist on Azura Recordings. Supported by amazing djs.

How is the track born? How did it come about?

“My previous Vocal Trance track is from 2015, ‘Cyberfly’ so I had the desire to make a new one and I was evaluating a singer to work with. I met Sylvia Hanami through a mutual friend and our passion for music Trance easily combined our ideas and made us quickly create a draft copy of “Tonight”. Once the vocal parts were set, Sylvia recorded her voice in a professional studio and then I developed the track in my home studio. In this track Sylvia has made an eternal homage to the spirit of her young uncle, who died recently. Despite this it was nice for me to see her enthusiasm and her positive”.
What problems did you encounter during production?
“We didn’t encounter any major problems. Our goal was clear: to have a simple, classic and exciting sound, as required in Trance music. Sylvia did an excellent studio recording, although I’m usually used to producing instrumental Trance, I tried to enhance her beautiful vocal timbre. I did all this by paying careful attention to the break; to the essential parts of the “pads”; to the effects; to the arpeggios. So, the right balance to make a song: powerful and dreamy”.
Would a remix add value?
“For me and also for Sylvia, this track takes pleasure in vocal versions (Extended and Radio), but anyway I also followed the suggestions of my collaborators to make a Dub mix. In fact, we greatly enjoyed the remix of Aevus, which will be released in June”.

In what kind of genre would you place it?
“In detail the sounds are Classic Trance (I’ve this factory defect), because we’ve thought about it and made it with these intentions. In our opinion, this track is very versatile. It would be well played in the car, on the radio, in headphones, in a movie or in a spot”.
Which hardware or software was decisive in the production?
“The daw that I currently prefer and which was decisive in production is Logic Pro X, although I’ve often used Cubase in past projects. Mostly I play a lot with Sylenth and Spire software and as a hardware I use TB 03, for acid and bass parts. Kik and various samples are the evolution of my ancient library”.
How did you interview in the mix and mastering phase?
“The step of mixing takes place peacefully using the plugin series of Logic, which don’t slow down the CPU. The mastering takes place after listening to the track numerous times and it requires a particular concentration, ’cause I don’t have a very professional equipment and above all I don’t have the possibility to have an acoustically treated room. I do processes with a series of “plug in” and through different tests, in various systems that I own”.
Technically, would you consider it perfect?
“Yes, considering our technical and musical knowledge, it sounds perfect for us. We’re always curious to receive opinions, always useful for growth. If you want, write for us”.