Joseph Capriati at DJ Award 2018 Ibiza chooses Bruno Bordese

Joseph Capriati has choosen Bruno Bordese shoes during the DJ Award 2018 ceremony where is has reiceved the prize as Best DJ Techno Master.
Joseph Capriati chooses Damper model, that have always been a must for the Bruno Bordese line: the mid-snakers most loved by DJs who played from Berlin to Ibiza, wearing this cult model.

Joseph Capriati is an Italian electronic music producer and DJ. He was raised in the southern Italian city of Caserta. Career Originally beginning his career as a DJ in his hometown of Caserta, near Naples, Italy, he using his own name when he began making his own productions in 2006. In December 2007, Joseph had his first release, “C’est la Vie”, on Italian record label Analytic Trail. A year later Joseph played his first Awakenings event on New Year’s Eve in Rotterdam, Netherlands alongside Analytic Trail label head Markantonio. Another collaborator of Capriati’s was Rino Cerrone, with whom he worked on the project Neapolitan Gangsta (2006-2010).

For over 25 years, Bruno Bordese is a shoes Master. His shoes are real status symbol, the must-have for trendsetters, artists and creative people from around the world. Unique and recognizable pieces thanks to a mix of classic and trendy, born from continuous experimentation with different materials. Bruno began his career as a designer and creative director at the Maison Paciotti. And over the years he has worked with brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Horses, Guardians, Casadei, Guess, Levi’s, Gaudi and Crime who rely on this visionary artist to renew itself. A mashup of elements that created a following of consumers with a thousand faces and a thousand professions and that allowed him to become the designer of cult artists, musicians, DJs and producers such as Tale of Us, Damian Lazarus, Apollonia, Ali Dubfire, Ellen Allien and Marco Carola.