Underground Channel and real buzz on “Hypnotism” by Null

The Underground channel (Media Records EVO group) releases a brand new techno cut, a dark, moody and underground hard beat track called “Hypnotism” by the Japanese artist Kazuo Ohmori aka Null.

“I love hard techno and dark techno, and I produced the original of this track in 2000. I especially love the dark side of techno which has a vibe that is one of a kind. It will be great to see if you guys feel my sound & vibe in this track”, says Null who has also released music on Dark UnderGround Records (Poland) and AudioTech Sound System (Germany).

Media Records EVO has in some way changed the life of Null as a producer for the better. “The release from Underground is a wonderful and honourable thing for my life”. The collaboration with the Media Records EVO platform is a “very impressive” step forward for Null.

Is there an artist that inspires you or that you particularly admire? “Yes, I have two people. They always support my tracks, I’ve learned many things from them and I also got a lot of opportunities, so I am very grateful to them. This track expresses a world that is not real, so it would be great if you can enjoy the sound and atmosphere from this track and have fun with it”.