The Italian Festa della Musica 2018 San Faustino BassGround@Metro with Tarantula staff

Jungle Massive and Tarantula Music (Media Records EVO), with the A&R Stefano B, organize for this weekend an extraordinary party for the Italian Festa della Musica in Brescia, Italy. BassGround @ Metro S.Faustino is an event during which they will play Asusual, Lowryder, Insidia, NDM, DJ D, Octagon, Hakerman and Stefano B, and will be held on next Saturday 23rd June 2018.

This is an event dedicated to the world of bass music: bass house, trap, jungle, drum & bass, breakbeats and powerful bass and subsonic push the San Faustino metro stop mezzanine, from 4 pm to 11.30 pm.

“We chose the underground subway stop to stay connected to the concept of… underground: underground sounds rulez. San Faustino is a most active nightlife of the evening area”, explains Stefano B. “There will be many performers and surprises during the event, and the city administration gives us important support. Making a party to coincide with the Music Festival fills us with pride and encourages us to organize other new events for the future”.

A real Tarantula Music crew is taking shape not only here in Italy in the rest of the world: “Our sound has no barriers. With Tarantula Music we don’t have limits”.