Unstoppable Watt & Jack, now hit hard with “My Noise”

“My Noise” is the new song by Watt & Jack, probably the most cunning and brave couple in experimenting with new sounds, combining several music genres. The track is released on the most open channel to the new and extravagant proposals, the amazing Firstplanet (belonging to Media Records EVO platform). After “That Love Again”, “Pressure”, “Neverland”, and, with Firstplanet, “Enjoy (La Pasta)” and “Beat Your Hands”, it’s now the turn of “My Noise”.

How did you come up with “My Noise” ? The duo explains it directly.
“’My Noise’ has been created like all the productions we approach, that is, from the search of sounds, which is very time-consuming, and then to the realization of the drops, which we discard until we like them. In the specific case of ‘My Noise’, we had conceived it instrumental until we had the need to insert a vocal sample, which gave more personality to the song”.
How do you approach production?
“First, we need a free and conscious mindset, and we are careful not to copy the sound of others, but we express our own creativity. Today, we believe that with the help of technology there is an endless creative space, so we try to be as original as possible”.
What is the difference between Watt & Jack and the Brothers band?
“The difference is the genre. The Brothers productions can be considered dance pop and more radio oriented, the Watt & Jack project is for clubs and big venues, and there’s more experimentation in the structure of the song and in the choices of sound (although we must admit that ‘Forever Young’, the latest track from the Brothers, is very focussed on sounds)”.
Are you working on a new single?
“Yup. When we finish a production, we start to create new songs, but we want a point: once a song is finished, it is as if we feel the need to go further, to raise to a new challenge, to achieve something more beautiful and special than what we have just created”.