“Algorithms” tune from 10WS and DJ Kritch

The collaboration between 10WS aka Ten Words and DJ Kritch has resulted into an incredible song: techno is broken up into neo-trance cards. An exciting and emotional journey, “Algorithms” on Firstplanet (channel of Media Records EVO platform), full of shimmering harmonics with hints to Blade Runner-style atmospheres.

DJ Kritch is the first to reveal some details. “I met 10WS about 15 years ago at the Country Club, a well-known club of our city. We unexpectedly found ourselves doing a b2b without even having been there before. It was magical, it was as though we had always played together. From that moment on, our roads no longer separated and from there our collaboration and friendship started out. Our song is based on a couple of ideas that we first developed individually and, later listening to each other’s work, we came up with the idea of changing some sound into the techno world using knowledge and preferences, and this is really a good song. We are projected onto the techno world and everything that embraces the scope of experimental music, which however derives from a sound music knowledge”.

DJ Kritch makes a more essential genre and says: “For me the rhythm part is decisive, I am a lover of funky and basslines played live. Despite this, we manage to combine our approach in the productions and we are able to bring out works that always meet the mutual taste. At the moment we are doing parallel works that we will certainly develop together even if we are waiting to understand in which direction new trends are moving. We certainly do want to make music together”.

10WS adds: “The song came up in a very natural way, we feel constantly and we compare a lot, me and DJ Kritch, on songs and demos that we or others make. I always enjoy working with him a lot. I must say that we respect a lot both the choices of sounds and the arrangements. I am more towards techno and sounds deep, he’s always focussed on techno, but he winks at the old school and the tech-house. Basically, we share our passionate love for electronic music, which is why it is natural to work well together”.