“Trying To Beat Darwin”, debut album for Future Mind

Try to defeat Darwin, in reference to the theory of evolution, and find a place in the world of electronic music. The DJ and producer Future Mind ambitions are rich of energy: he puts experimentation, evolution, technique and personality in his debut album, “Trying To Beat Darwin”, on Royal Supreme label (powered by Just Entertainment), out today 27th April 2018. A decisive and definitive step, this one, to go further and continue to make music having finally a recognizable and concrete position.


Are you working on new singles?

“Yes, I’m already working for a new ep, which is meant to be the continuation of the album, and also new songs for the summer”.

How and how much do you contaminate your progressive? Do you also care about other genres?

“I contaminate it a lot, the sound references are always like Deadmau5, but there are also some tech, ambient and electro house influences. I like a lot of genres like funky house music, techno in some of its facets and metal (within a certain limit), but in general I like all the music that inspire me emotions”.

How did you approach the world of production?

“Thanks to my brother: I owe him everything. He had a friend who produced minimal music and used the famous software FL studio. Starting to use this software I started to create my first “productions”. Very quickly I understood how much this make me feel good and how much I can feel it close to me”.

How did you approach Royal Supreme?

“I was lucky to have among my Facebook friends Riccardo Sada, with whom I had the pleasure of speaking and making him listen to my work. Evidently he liked them, so much to start this collaboration with his label”.

What do you think of the world of EDM (festival, sound big room) and how do you think it affects the progressive?

“For my personal taste, I can not stand the big room anymore. Surely it is a kind of club music, but today has tired. As a commercial product, a copy of the copy that leaves the time it finds. Today, the progressive house music is associated with songs by Niky Romero, or Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman, which have many influences from the EDM festival”.

Do you think that progressive is sufficiently considered in Italy?

“I think that in the biggest cities the catchment area is certainly large. However, it always remains in a corner, compared to “EDM” festival songs or as ”PEM PEM” by Elettra Lamborghini”.

Which are in your opinion the major progressive DJs? And who do you like?

“My idol is deadmau5, for me he is always at the top, but I follow a lot artists like Grum, Eric Prydz, Blue Mora (the new entry of Mau5trap), Sebastian Leger and Fehrplay”.

How do you imagine the progressive sound of the next years?

“The tech and ambient influences have conquered a position of great importance in progressive sound and in my opinion the future goes in this direction”.

Can you tell your album? How was it born?

“The idea of ​​producing an album has always been in my projects, and Trying to beat Darwin is the realization of a dream. Trying to beat Darwin is the metaphor of the classical life as an unknown producer. He tries to put the soul in every production, dealing with an often ruthless and unjust world. The same Darwin, which I mentioned in the title, refers to the music industry of today, which focuses almost everything on marketing, churning out unpretentious products for a non-thinking and cold public. This is a road not towards success, but towards its place in the world of music”.

Who would you like to work with?

“I know I’m repetitive, but a collaboration with Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz would not mind at all! There are many other artists with whom I would like to work, among all, Blue mora, which I feel close to the type of sound that I like and Offaiah, which offers simple but cutting-edge sounds”.


Title: “Trying To Beat Darwin”
Artist: Future Mind
Label: Royal Supreme
Release date: 27th April 2018

01 Future Mind – Intro (Start & Stop)
02 Future Mind – Dreaming (Original Mix)
03 Future Mind – Coffee-ffect (Original Mix)
04 Future Mind – Mechanical Heart (Original Mix)
05 Future Mind – Analog (Original Mix)
06 Future Mind – Magic (Album Version)
07 Future Mind – Rugiada (Original Mix)
08 Future Mind – La Porta dei Ricordi (Original Mix)
09 Future Mind – Nera (Album Version)
10 Future Mind – Strange Transitions (Original mix)
11 Future Mind – Police Movie (Original Mix)
12 Future Mind – Road Rage (Original Mix)