Futurenoize has made it with lento violento sound

“In one sentence: Slowed down Italian techno Intriguing. But the essence of techno is speed, no? Look, you remember how slowmo house was a thing back in the early 2010s? Well techno had its very own version 10 years earlier when Italians were like “questo è troppo veloce!”. That’s what Lento Violento is, an Italian phrase literally translating to ‘slow and violent’. Think booming 909 kick and classic rave riffs but slowed down to 100bpm and sometimes even 70bpm. Who’s vibing to this then? People who LOVE gabber but also LOVE ket I assume. Mainstreamability: Honestly, I’m really into this and can legit imagine Andrew Weatherall playing it in one of his IDGAF moments – 8/10” (text from Mixmag website)

If an authoritative magazine like the English Mixmag has dealt with the “Lento Violento (Slow Violent)” sound, that means that the uniqueness once again, arount Media Records EVO platform, has come to life. The aim of the team forged by Gianfranco Bortolotti is to produce, reproduce and reinvent the genre launched by the surpassed Gigi D’Agostino with the legendary NoiseMaker, when, at the beginning of 2000, the Italian DJ was still working at Media Records studios in Roncadelle, close to Brescia. A genre, that of the new channel Futurenoize, which, probably due to the new path of Mr Bortolotti at the beginning of the millennium, neither Media Records itself nor any other, after all, has never succeeded in affirming completely in the national territory, much less to export to Europe and the rest of the world.

As a news Italodisco mania, a large group of young producers and DJs (drived by A&R and DJ Giuseppe Sessini and with DJ Paola Peroni for selection of cd compilations) has raised to the challenge: making questions and try with their favourite genre, so loved at the time of the most glorious D’Agostino discography.

“The goal is to create or feed a new movement or help make artists emerge. In Italy, in Europe and in the world. We are not in a hurry but we are determined. The roster is made of young millennials and older generations, highly motivated and gender oriented. We are already operational”, explains Bortolotti. “I look for absolute and remarkable production, above all comments, the work of sound design is fundamental. We are the Sound Of The Future, it is in our DNA to look for something to grow or become stronger, whether it is a DJ, an artist or a sound”.