“Miami Affair EP” by Dionigi and the double wind of electronic

Two months ago, he arrived in Media Records EVO, and now Marco Dionigi talks about his first impression. On top of that, he also talks about UMM new releases, browsing through the laptop folders of the famous DJ and producer from Verona, Italy. UMM003, Dionigi “Asian Thruth EP”, came out on March 23 and today UMM004, or Dionigi and today Friday, April 6th, “Miami Affair EP” is released.

“With new releases, like Miami Affair, we will go into the full Nu Disco theme: four portrait tracks of funk and analogue sounds purely of the Eighties. Another exit will be ‘Interstellar Rift’, and here we will completely change genre, entering a mood I love: the… electrodark. So, in this case too, there are four tracks, obscure and certainly appealing especially for foreign clubs. This is to make it clear that we will go through different themes and different music genres”.

Are you also working on a compilation with different artists?
“Yes and of course we are talking again about Nu Disco and Elettronica and I mention the names: Daniele Baldelli, DJ Rocca, Alvaro Cabana; and I have also in mind an electronic album I’ve been working on for six months. But this is a different story”.

Are new artists ready to enter the UMM roster?
“Yup. Some as remixers and some as producers of unreleased tracks. Baldelli, for example, will be part of the… crew”.
UMM has always been a clubbing label with leisurely hikes in the mainstream. Will it always be like this?
“I would like to keep the tradition, it always depends on the track”.