Gianfranco Bortolotti at Reverso Festival for “Who killed the Italo Disco?”

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 24th, from 4,00 to 5,00 pm, Gianfranco Bortolotti, CEO of Media Records EVO, will be among the protagonists of “Chi Ha Ucciso la Italo Disco (Who killed Italo Disco)?”, panel that will take place at Reverso – Festival di Archeologia Musicale (Music Archeology Festival), at Santeria in Milan, Italy. With Mr Bortolotti, on stage, there will also be Marco Fratty from F.P.I. Project band. The journalist Fabio De Luca will chair the talkshow panel.

The fourth edition of Reverso Festival offers an even richer proposal than usual, access is free of charge at event on Italian disco music, in Milan and its music production and the history of the eighties. In the console from the modern interpretation of Massimiliano Pagliara, to the retrospective on the Italian album provided by the edits of Alexander Robotnick, through the spatial landscapes designed by the live Analog Session, to the sound story of a Milan always mutated by Nicola Guiducci.

Reverso Festival talks about the Italian disco scene, its origins and its legendary acts, following an imaginary line between those who wrote important pages of the past, those who tell the present and those who invent future trajectories. In 16 hours, Reverso combines cultural analysis, parties, workshops, conferences, presentations, screenings, exhibitions and panels with the aim of giving voice to one of the Italian excellence in the field of electronic music. In the program also the first of “Italo Disco Legacy – the film”, In addition, free workshops, presentations, conferences, drinks and food with dishes and drinks inspired by the period of the 80s in Italy.