Scooter ready with “Forever” album

A quarter of a century and still going strong, 25 wild & wicked years, 25 years of Scooter superlatives – halfway to eternity in the club / dance genre chronology. What better way to celebrate the longevity of the band as they deliver what is – quite incredibly – the 19th Scooter album than by proclaiming “Scooter Forever”, an album title not so very far from the truth in Italy on Do It Yourself and from Kontor Records. On the occasion of the band’s silver jubilee, Scooter have come up with a suitably loud double album featuring no less than 25 songs.

Founder, front man and the only ever-present figure on stage in band history, H.P. Baxxter has played a key role in the act’s success over a period of two and a half decades. On recent singles and albums, band colleagues Phil Speiser and Michael Simon have also done much to propel the Scooter  legend forwards, as innovative ideas and top drawer production skills engage seamlessly with HP’s unique voice to create that typical Scooter sound.

“Scooter Forever” shows off the trio’s combined powers to full effect, a perfect storm of their musical influences. Rather than seek to reinvent themselves, Scooter have gone back to the roots of classic Scooter successes, whilst new ideas are still given space to develop. Scooter have never been afraid to expand their sound cosmos or venture into more experimental terrain. The resulting album sounds fresher than ever, packed with potential hits – true to the name Scooter.

For serious Scooter devotees, a Limited Deluxe Box will be available with a digipack double cd and very special fan item. A double vinyl edition will also be released, strictly limited to 500 copies.
And there’s more … keep your eyes open for details of forthcoming shows on the 100% Scooter – 25 Years Wild & Wicked World Tour




01) Foreplay
02) In Rave We Trust
03) Bora! Bora! Bora!
04) My Gabber
05) Wall of China (See the Light)
06) Shooting Stars (Move It To The Left)
07) When I’m Raving
08) Scooter Forever
09) As the Years Go By
10) Wild and Wicked
11) The Roof
12) Kiss Goodnight
13) Kill the Cat
14) The Darkside
15) Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
16) Universal Notion
17) Symmetry C
18) Unfuture
19) The First Rebirth
20) Sacred Cycles
21) Burning Phibes
22) Lost in Love
23) The House of House
24) Lost in Space
25) Tales of Mystery

These charts positions speak for themselves… great results right across the globe.
iTunes Main // iTunes Dance
Russia: #1 // iTunes Dance: #1
Finland: #3 // iTunes Dance: #1
Poland: #3 // iTunes Dance: #1
Sweden: #3 // iTunes Dance: #1
Czech Rep: #5 // iTunes Dance: #1
Denmark: #5 // iTunes Dance: #1
Germany: #6 // iTunes Dance: #1
Austria: #13 // iTunes Dance: #1
Luxembourg: #16 // iTunes Dance: #2
Switzerland: #16 // iTunes Dance: #1
Netherlands: #18 // iTunes Dance: #5
UK: #25 // iTunes Dance: #4
France: #29 // iTunes Dance: #1
South Africa: #68 // iTunes Dance: #10
Australia: #76 // iTunes Dance: #4

We are also more than happy to present the video for Scooter & Jebroer – My Gabber, check it out here!
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