Fedde Le Grand and D.O.D, united via Spinnin’

Got this new electro house jam in from Fedde Le Grand and D.O.D, out via Spinnin’. And got the interview with Fedde Le Grand. It’s the first time these two have collaborated, and Fedde dropped the track in his Ultra Miami Mainstage set earlier this year.

How did the collab on ‘ Love’s Gonna Get You’ with D.O.D come about?
“It was actually D.O.D who reached out to me with this idea for a track. It wasn’t quite there yet but I immediately knew something was there. From there on it took quite a few hours in the studio and then sending back and forth. I think it really exceeded our expectations in the end, we turned out to be a good combination”.

What kind of musical influences went into the track?
“That’s a difficult question. I get my inspiration from literally everywhere. In this case we were really focussed on creating a record for the floor, so I’d say in this case the inspiration mainly came from there. In the end I was kind of surprised to see that it worked literally just as well in a little intimate club as it does on big festival grounds, so I’m really very happy with the record”.



Would you say your sound is a mix of styles or simply EDM?
“I don’t think I’ve ever let myself be pigeonholed too much from the beginning of my career onwards. I’d get bored for starters but also my own musical interest is just too broad to try and recreate just one kind of very similar type of sound. Inspiration is just a difficult thing to capture, whether you like it or not you’re always influenced with what’s going on around you. So I think you’ll recognize all of the above in my music”.

Why do a lot of pop artists now get dance DJs to produce their music do you think? Do you think EDM will continue to dominate the charts?
“I think collaborations have always been a big part of music, whether more publically known or more on the background. When EDM becomes a more mainstream sound then it seems a logical next step to me that mainstream artists turn to EDM to find their new collaborations”.

Do you prefer spending or investing your money? Have you made any investments outside of music?
“I prefer making money to be honest. No just joking, I’m actually not that big of a spender. My main personal investments have been towards a nice car for myself, and recently I bought a new house, it needs some work so that actually is a real project, I love to be able to design things myself but there’s also a lot of hassle in figuring everything out”.

You seem to be constantly on tour, how much time do you get at home?
“Too little. Sometimes it’s really rough to be home as little as I am from time to time, but at the same time I’m really very fortunate, I enjoy traveling to different countries so much (except for the actual part of being in a plane for hours straight). But in all honesty it does affect how I want to spend my off-time, I very very much prefer being home when I can instead of traveling for a vacation”.

Talk to us about Darklight Recordings recent merger with Armada Music? How did that come about?
“I actually had been in talks with Maykel Piron for quite a while. I think we have a very similar look at life and at business. Looking to find some new partners to help get the massive amount of new music I have laying to the next level, the step was easy to be honest. I’m very convinced they’ll be able to help me in getting the label to the next level. At the moment we’re in the process of reviewing new demo’s so this is the time to send them in if you have some new cool stuff laying”.

What do you think of Italian DJ and producers, do you have any favourites?
“I’d have to shout out to Merk & Kremont obviously. I’m very fond of our collaboration on Give Me Some, a record I still play out very regulary”.

Who would be your dream collaborator?
“If anything is on the table, then I’d have to say Bruno Mars”.



What’s your favourite track of all time? Or if that’s too hard, what has been your top track of last month?
“All time is definitely too much haha. At the moment I’m very much into Stickybuds and K+lab Ft. Kwadi – Clap Ya Hands. It’s just so funky, I think the guys really did an amazing job on this one”.

Your album ‘Something Real’ released last year after a seven year wait, is there another one in the works?
“Not yet. I’m very happy with the singles I have laying at the moment. I wouldn’t feel those for an album as I think every track very much stands on its own and has its own feeling and vibe to it. Another album will come when the time is right”.

Do you think kids should be taught music production from an early age? When did you start to learn how to produce?
“I think that would be great. It may not be everyone’s personal passion, but for those who are original music junkies it would be massive to be taught the right tools from a young age”.

Genre’s within EDM seem to go in and out of popularity, what do you think the next big sub-genre will be?

“I think it’s all about big (house) grooves at the moment. I think it’s a very open and welcoming climate right now where there is room to experiment without adhering to very strict rules. My studio time is a very happy time at the moment”.