Reach for the TSARs

When designing a new reverb plug-in, Softube’s very own rock ‘n’ roll scientists had some clear objectives:

• To create a versatile, powerful and modern stereo algorithmic reverb that sounds fantastic!
• To design a user interface that’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use meaning you’re never far away from the sound or space you desire.

Enter TSAR-1 Reverb—neither a stale convolution based affair or hardware emulation but a dreamy, vibrant and believable new reverb benchmark. Whether it’s adding some subtle spatial sophistication to your strings or downright drenching your drums, your tracks and ears will appreciate this touch of modern class.

Grab it for only $199 (Normally $269) throughout May.

TSAR-1 Reverb Screenshot (actual size) Click to zoomClick to show TSAR-1 Reverb Screenshot (actual size)
The True Stereo Algorithm inside the TSAR-1 is what gives it its magic. The strength lies in its sophisticated sound and versatility, no matter whether it’s used on strings and brass or rock drums and lead vocals, it always shines. All this while still having a comprehensive and easy-to-use interface that is unparallelled in other high-end reverb products.

TSAR-1 Reverb is one of the best sounding verbs out there at the moment. Mixerman/Eric Sarafin, Mixer and author.



The TSAR-1 has been designed with ease of use in mind. Instead of a myriad of controls, we gave the user interface five sliders and a couple of switched options. But you may very well find you never need to use even these simple controls. Because we included a solid bank of presets, which will cover most of your needs. The presets are clearly named for their intended use, so find a setting you like, maybe tweak a little – and you’re good to go.

When it comes to reverbs, I want fast access to the key parameters like time, pre delay, tone, etc. These are all there, and the reverb also happens to sound beautiful. The TSAR-1 just sounds big!

Patrik Berger, Composer, producer and musician (Santigold, Charli XCX, Robyn, Lana Del Rey, Miike Snow).

In Short

True Stereo Algorithm
Extraordinary versatility
Comprehensive user interface
Modern and powerful high-end reverb
Extensive preset library
Also includes the TSAR-1R Reverb
Predelay Use it as a rhythmic effect or to carefully match the tail with the early reflections.
Time Longer or shorter reverb tail. Where do you want to go today?
Density Smooth, modern and dense, or sparse, lush and vintage.
Tone Dark or bright? No need to adjust dozens of knobs to get the character you need.
High Cut Too much sizzle? Cut the highs.
Early Reflections Type Large, Medium or Small? What room do you want to place your tracks in?
Early Reflections Mix Already got a good sounding room and just need some longer reverb? Turn down the earlies with the mix knob.
Diffusion Need that extra smoothness on your snare?
Modulation A vintage style chorus-y modulation, or a modern and classy modulation?
Reverb Mix and Output Volume They just have to be there, right?

Man!!!!!! Incredible incredible incredible!!!!! Just mixed Lil’ Waynes new single How to Love and so sweeeet my TSAR-1 Reverbs are sounding right now. If I had four hands I’d give four thumbs up!

Fabian Marasciullo, Mixer for Lil’ Wayne, The Neptunes, etc.

Interactive Display
Show both current and previous settings, and toggle between those by clicking on each of the parameter value displays.

Extensive Preset Library
41 well designed presets, categorized into a “modern” and a “vintage” set. The modern set focuses on the classy reverb sounds of today, while the vintage set mimics the characters of old school reverbs we still love to use.

All presets are well documented with examples of intented use cases.