Pick The DJ the app for your rank

Pick The DJ throws down the challenge to disc jockeys. Choose the favourite DJ and support them with a simple click and share the choice on social media. The Pick The DJ duel is an unlimited challenge between the friends. Now we can support your DJ with the first, true, non-manipulated, world-wide Ranking: Pick The DJ. The Target? We can play Pick The DJ from 6 years up, although it is really aimed at a more mature audience. The focus is on clubgoers and EDM fans from 18 to 30 years old. How to Play? Each player assesses and chooses their favourite DJ, match by match.



The App suggests two DJs and the player chooses one of them with a simple click. Playing Pick The DJ is easy and fun. Players can root for the DJs they love, or throw hated DJs from the tower. Endless games can be played. Players create a ranking made up of names drawn from the player’s exclusive preferences. Pick The DJ is an interactive game which creates a list or Popularity Chart which allows to understand and monitor the main movers of dance music, techno, house, EDM and club music in their respective musical areas. The best DJs can be classified according to their influence on the public wherever they are based. The App is available for IOS and Android version. Gianfranco Bortolotti Management answers:

Why Pick The DJ?
“It’s an easy, direct name, and follows the continuity of the smart solutions for music created by Gianfranco Bortolotti and Media Records; from the launch of MusicGel in now distant 1997, through the dawn of the Internet (the iPod came out in 2001 and the iPhone in 2005. Ed.), and now, finally, the first App dedicated to DJs and their world”.

Why Pick? And why DJ?
“Because you… pick your preference. Because DJs are the true stars of the new millennium”.

Will there be other Apps to do with DJs following on from Pick The DJ?
“Yes, but we can’t tell you about them right now, or it would spoil the surprise. In all, there will be eight Apps. Each of the Apps will be implemented and licensed to the Pick The DJ platform”.

Why should I play Pick The DJ?
“To support your favourite DJ. We’re aiming to create a constant comparison between all the DJs on the planet”.

Will there be a ranking for the DJs with the most… ‘hits’?
“Of course. The rankings will be produced automatically according to various parameters: the richest DJ, the nicest DJ, the most courted, but also the least admired, the most uncool, the most fashionable and so on. And there will be a general ranking which will generate an overall picture of the broad spectrum of the industry. Plus, it will be possible to understand how much DJs influence the masses and determine the changes and levels of streaming”.

How was Pick The DJ created?
“Pick The DJ is an App designed to express preferences and is committed to DJs. But tomorrow it could change its name and extend to others in the entertainment industry: from musicians to film and TV stars. Pick The DJ is for everyone. But in particular, clubgoers, professional and non-professional DJs, fans, people who are just curious, and newcomers to DJing and clubbing. Pick The DJ is pure entertainment. Pick The DJ is another aid to help spread music as a real format, above all in B2B, offering the chance of promotion and opportunities to each DJ, producer and artist on the planet”.

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