It’s time from AudioCubes controller by Percussa

Percussa is a music tech company based in California, USA, and is a brand of Noisetron LLC. Percussa makes hardware and software for professional musicians, placing new hardware interfaces at the center of its products, empowering musicians to make new music and sounds through new ways of interaction. Percussa’s first product, launched in 2007 at the NAMM show, was the AudioCubes, an audiovisual computer interface for live electronic music performance. AudioCubes are used by professional musicians around the world for live performance, installations, composition, sound design, etc. Since then, AudioCubes have gone through several revisions, with the latest version, the Wireless AudioCubes PRO, featuring full wireless communication and high end materials and components.

Percussa is constantly working on new products, such as the new SYNTHOR modular synthesis software and its companion REMOTE controller, which integrate tightly with the AudioCubes patching interface. Learn more here. Percussa’s products are available through this website. We take all major credit cards and ship from South San Francisco and the Netherlands.

Bert Schiettecatte, Founder and Director
Bert started playing the piano very early on, and started producing electronic music while in high school. Shortly before applying to the University of Brussels (VUB)’s well known computer science program he signed his first record deal, and decided to focus his career on music technology.
After developing open source software for the Mpeg-4 Audio standard while a student at the university, and an internship at a US music tech startup, he was granted a fellowship of the Belgian-American Educational Foundation (BAEF), a honorary fellowship of the Fullbright association, and a grant from the Audio Engineering Society (AES), to study at Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA).
After graduating in the CS program in Brussels, and enrolling at Stanford, Bert started working on new hardware interfaces for music applications, building a laser harp with classmates Luigi Castelli and Eto Otitigbe, and collaborating with MIT dance professor Thomas Defrantz. After graduating at Stanford Bert started to develop AudioCubes, eventually founding Percussa in 2004 to concentrate full time on designing hardware and software for professional musicians. Bert won several awards for AudioCubes, such as the Qwartz award, and works on the hardware and software of Percussa’s products, including design, electrical engineering, firmware and desktop software development, and mechanical engineering.

Celine Van Damme, co-founder
Céline graduated at the University of Brussels (VUB) with a Master’s degree in Commercial Engineering from the well known Solvay Business School. After graduating she worked on the development and integration of CRM systems in several corporations, focusing on information organisation and retrieval, leading to an application to the University of Brussels’ PhD program. While working on research at the university, she obtained a Master after Master in Business Information Management at the University of Brussels and taught many students unfamiliar with computer science how to write code.
Celine has built numerous software tools and dashboards to visualize and analyze big data sets and to measure the quality of large data sets of keywords, levering NLP and statistical analysis techniques. Her choice of tools are perl and mysql, running on the open source linux OS.
Before joining Percussa, Celine was with Google’s Adsense team in Mountain View and Google’s Ads Quality team in Los Angeles, where she optimized publisher’s ad implementations at large scale by mining large data sets and writing custom software. Celine has always had a strong interest in computer science, electronic music and the science of sound and music, and focuses on Percussa’s internal software tools, website, online marketing, video production, product testing and desktop software development.